About Art of War

Art of War is a growing gaming ecosystem. It includes:

  • the Gaming World with the ability to place castles/kingdoms on our map for all interested projects or tokens;
  • marketplace and our own currency $AOW;
  • a unique game using our own NFT collection.

$AOW token

The $AOW token is a bridge to the Lunar Land world. In our world, kingdoms are built using different tokens, trade roads are formed, new castles are built, and with them allies and enemies. Choose your character, get a title and enter the wonderful world of Lunar land. Your NFT character is not just a game object, but an NFT based on the BSC, which will be available not only in the game, but also appear in your wallet.


Our mission is to unite different cryptocurrency communities to earn profit in the amazing World of Lunar Land.



For $AOW Investors

Widespread use of our token in the game process, ensures the constant and steady growth of the AOW. Constant development and updates of the game attracts more and more gamers and buyers.


For other Investors

We present the possibility of placing third-party NFT cards in the marketplace with the possibility of further use in the gameplay.


For partners

The opportunity to join the world of Lunar Land and participate in battles with your NFT card heroes.


For gamers

Playing our game, you have the possibility of earning real money.


PvP battles - to level up you NFT or to win your opponent’s NFT. Different classifications of heroes and arenas are waiting for you. Level up to a strongest hero - play and earn in Art of War.